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Senior Software Developer(s)

Database Maintenance :Conduct feasibility studies concerning database requirements and creationSet up and create database for the department as requiredAdvises standards pertaining to the Data Base and Data Base Control and REcovery ConceptsSets up generalization techniques for information retrieval and a library of retrieval programs which are of recurrent usageDocumentation of instructions for databases (ERD)Render support services to users :Consult with and provde assistance, information, and training for administrator system usersProvision of reports as per user rerquirementsDocumentation of instructions for computer operationApplication testing and quality assurance :Review of software requirements, preparation of test plans and the execution of tests, in collaboration with the end-userPrepare and ensure unit tests work correctlySet-up and manage continuous data integrationPlease e-mail your CV to :(email address)

GoodFirms Highlighted the New List of Best SEO Software for October 2018

Best SEO Software

Presently, GoodFirms reported the Best SEO Software list that is helping numerous businesses to rank higher and achieve exposure they need

SEO Software is an influential and adaptable competitive intelligence suite to understand and create SEO strategy”

WASHINGTON DC, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2018 / — As an entrepreneur, it is vital to invest in the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skill in this modern business landscape. Hiring out SEO Company or digital marketing consultant can be an expensive deal for the floundering businesses rather than the successful industries. Luckily, there are great SEO tools for small business that make this a lot easier. Here you can take a sneak peek at the recent GoodFirms report that reveals the Best SEO Software that are supporting organizations to get started with SEO.

Check out the Top 10 SEO Software List by GoodFirms:

•SEO Spider Tool
•SEO PowerSuite
•Advanced Web Ranking
•Web CEO
•SimilarWeb Pro

SEO software is a tool that allows users to recognize, analyze or organize keywords and plan strategies to improve the organic search rankings of a business website to get ahead of competitors. This also aids in other activities which includes backlink analysis, content optimization and link building.

Today, there is Best Marketing Automation Software available in the market that is used by many companies to assist them to complete the repetitive marketing tasks such as emails, social media and other website actions. The technology of marketing automation software makes these tasks easier by nurturing sales leads and by saving lots of time and effort of marketers.

These all types of software have made easy and inexpensive for businesses to avail the most excellent services and keep growing. At GoodFirms you can also find the curated list of Best Artificial Intelligence Software and all other sorts of software that can be truly helpful for your business. GoodFirms is a globally renowned B2B research and reviews platform. It facilitates the businesses in getting linked up with the Top IT technology development companies and best software product providers.

GoodFirms list the companies and best software’s after evaluating each of them through multiple methodologies. This includes three main criteria’s that is Quality, Reliability and Ability. Under these key factors, each company is identified by their complete portfolio, years of experience in their domain, market penetration and also refers to client reviews.

Then consider all the above points and index them according to it in the list of Top Technology Development Companies and Best Software. Additionally, GoodFirms also ask the interested companies to participate in the research process and Get Listed for free in the list of their expertise and be a magnet to their target audience.

GoodFirms is a Washington, D.C. based research firm that aligns its efforts in identifying the most prominent and efficient best SEO Software that delivers results to their clients. GoodFirms research is a confluence of new age consumer reference processes and conventional industry-wide review & rankings that help service seekers leap further and multiply their industry-wide value and credibility.

Get Listed with GoodFirms.

Affordable web design for new business, freelance web developer, responsive website design, SEO

FULL ASSIST, QUICK TURNAROUND & LOW COST ** CALL MICHAEL ON 07341 550885 ** LONDON BASED WEB DESIGN & DIGITAL MARKETING Thinking to create a new website for your business or revamp existing one? Looking for new ways to get in front of more clients and increase sales? Want it ASAP or just looking for advice for now? Having the website designed or to invest in digital marketing is a significant step for any business. I respect that, and I take pride in having an original approach to all of my work to ensure my clients success. “Build your platform” You need a service that will quickly pay for itself with new opportunities and more income and that’s what I deliver. “Less stress, more sales” Independent consultancy and technical support with digital marketing strategy, SEO, social media that I provide to my clients will boost your businesses growth. BENEFITS: A professionally looking website that represents your business the way you want, Effective presentation of the core messages of your service/product, * Great way to let your customers find you easily and quickly. Modern design that will look great both on smartphone, tablet and computers, An online platform that will serve your business for years EACH PROJECT INCLUDES: – Creative meeting (face to face in London or Skype) – Assistance with domain registration and hosting – A bespoke website tailored to your business niche – Unlimited revisions and tweaks FULL OFFER: Responsive web design and Web development WordPress and HTML + CSS eCommerce shops Domain registration and hosting Digital marketing consultancy SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) PPC (Pay Per Click) Social media marketing, content marketing and email marketing Analytics, traffic analysis and conversion optimisation PRICING: I offer two flexible packages depending on businesses size and budget. STARTER Package costs start from £350 and BUSINESS Package from £700. An hourly rate for digital marketing consultancy £20 /hour. For more accurate quotes call me, message me directly here or on my website. Just google “netswifter”. Michael P. Freelance Web Designer & Digital Marketing Consultant Contact: 07341550885

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Front End Web Developer – Front End Web Design

Your small business has just decided to go interactive. You’re working on your website, and while it is coming along, it just doesn’t seem to have the same edginess and pizzazz as others you’ve seen. This is where front-end development comes in. Part of front-end development can be defined as “making it look good.” Front-end development, or client-development, involves one or more of the following technologies:

How a page is structured is the foundation of a website. While (X)HTML or HTML5 may seem trivial, a user may encounter more bugs if the page has poor semantic structure. A front-end developer can ensure that your consumer has a user-friendly experience and enjoys utilizing the website rather than being encumbered by it.

A key part of style is Css, cascading style sheets. Css is a primary function of front-end development and styles the layout of the web page, giving it its individual flair and an easy-to-use look. A very important aspect of style is checking across several browsers and writing concise code that presents well in as many renderings as possible.

Cross-browser, Cross-platform, Cross-device Functionality
Browsers compete with each other for page-rendered speed, plug-ins and add-ons to obtain a lean and comprehensive experience. As applications move toward the Cloud, the browser becomes the operating system, putting a higher demand on coding, styling and programming. Simply put, it is important to check and maintain that the website is capable of operating at a high level on multiple browser systems.

The main point of accessibility is to provide your content and pages with as many points of access as possible. It is beneficial to build your website so that users on an iPad or mobile device, who don’t use a mouse or standard keyboard, can access it. We are not far from the day when we’ll be able to interact with a site simply by speaking to it, or have it translated to another language and then read out loud in a natural human voice. When designing a website, new forms of technology and accessibility must be taken into account.

This refers to Javascript, but can also include ActionScript, PHP or a multitude of other popular web languages. Widespread usage of Javascript libraries has allowed for a variety of visual effects that turn web pages into a 3-D immersive experience – an experience that awes and intrigues the user.

To build sites with as little lag as possible, your mark-up, styles and Javascript should be scalable and nimble. It is in the best interest of your company to reduce your page size footprint and avoid the rising bandwidth costs.

Staying in tune with the constantly evolving trends in design, code and innovation on the web is an essential task of front-end development. Some key technologies to pay attention to are:

While front-end development can make your website more visually appealing, it also offers a plethora of equally important technologies. From a user-friendly style to an up-to-date interface, a current and accessible website can promote consumer attention and make your company more attractive to clients. As more companies utilize the web, it is important to stay ahead of the curb and maintain a smooth and seamless experience for the user, no matter the digital device they access your site from.

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