I was looking for a caterer for my wedding and I wanted to make sure everything was just perfect. I had most everything else planned out except for photography and a few other finishing touches to put on my wedding. I wanted to find out about the best wedding caterers Manchester has to hire for a wedding.

I went online and search Google for wedding caterers Manchester. I found quite a few around the area and called them to see if they were available and what they charged to cater a wedding. I wanted to make sure they had the type of food I wanted serving at my wedding and that everything was professionally done. I asked all the questions I had when I called them on the phone.

Then I decided it may be best to ask on Facebook. I had recently seen several people asking for recommendations there and getting lots of feedback from their friends and in groups. Instead of just hiring any caterer, I went on my Facebook page and asked my friends who they thought would be the best one to hire. I got a few responses from people that had used them for catering but not for a wedding. I decided to ask on a Manchester Facebook group to see if I could find out more information. I went to the group and asked there and got lots of great feedback from one in particular. I made arrangements with them to cater my wedding.

This www.thymeoutside.co.uk caterer did a great job and everything went just as planned. The food was great and the service was too. I would highly recommend this caterer and have since went on Facebook and Google to leave reviews for their business.