The process of teeth whitening is described as a treatment that makes use of the chemical compound known as hydrogen peroxide that removes discolorations and stains from the teeth. Today there are many whitening treatments and products available that make claims that they will whiten the teeth. Some of these products include whitening toothpaste, take-home LED kits, pens, and strips.

However, all these products do not contain enough or any of the specialized hydrogen-peroxide compounds that are needed to whiten teeth to a degree that is noticeable. The reason for this from the legal standpoint is that hydrogen peroxide is only permitted to be given out or prescribed by dentists that are GDC registered and are for this reason is not made available to the general consumers.

Dentist Teeth Whitening

Whitening products that are used by professional dental practices contain an active ingredient of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. As these compounds are broken down it allows for oxygen to enter the teeth’s enamel, which is what causes the color of the teeth to lighten.

As we age, the teeth start to naturally discolor. This is contributed to various reasons such as medication, genetics, accidents and poor-oral hygiene. This is also significantly enhanced by the lifestyle that we lead. For example, drinking drinks that are darkly colored like rum, red wine, coke or coffee, smoking or eating certain food types can all maximize the process of discoloration.

Check out site, he is professional tooth whitening dentist and he is able to remove stains from the outside and inside of the teeth. Today the majority of dental practices in Manchester provide various products to assist in whitening teeth effectively, safely and comfortably. These treatments are either conducted in the dental practice or a treatment kit that is sent home with the patient.