The past couple of years have seen an abundance of new technologies and trends, and with all significant browsers ardently supporting HTML5 and CCS3 criteria with JavaScript. Web designers have never had so many options in their innovative disposal.

Like film lovers wait for new releases every year, even internet designers wait every year for its exciting trends. By covering various facets of web designing, we’ve listed down some of the major trends that will shape the plan of internet design in 2017.

The trend is shifting from cartoon libraries to trend involving habit hand-drawn elements.

Background videos covering the whole screen are the trend in 2016. The coming trend in 2017 would be to make them more pragmatic. It may grasp the user’s focus by incorporating navigable call-to-action button that is not distracting the material elements.

Visuals are better than videos once the purpose comes to consumption of bandwidth, they add a feeling which can improve the total look of the website.

From 2013-15, Smartphone internet consumption grew by 78%, making mobile-friendly web-designs quite important.

“It’s been discovered that while browsing over the phone, 35 percent Smartphone users favor ‘scrolling’ over ‘tapping’ to browse.”

Long scroll joins the entire website content into the visitors without clicking considerably. With the improved popularity of Smartphones and tablets, designers are increasingly implementing these useful features as a substitute for linking as a means to display articles. 2017 will see more scrolling features.

The wave of flat layouts, with all the Window’s Metro UI along with Google’s Material design, might be transformed to more durable semi-flat layouts. In 2017, complications related to flat designs will probably be rectified, giving means to handmade illustrations that aren’t completely flat.

85 percent of the internet users prefer material in a visual format.

The format has assisted the most because of increase in popularity of Internet accessibility and speed. Web designers would have to keep on incorporating videos in the total layouts to procure maximum advantages of this global trend.

Mobile programs are slowly becoming easier and effective. For each task to be performed, the pre-designed application being available could aid designer to boost their efficiency. The total number of apps downloaded throughout all platforms is expected to reach 268 billion throughout 2017.

By 2020, the industry dimension of wearable devices is forecast to grow $31.27 billion, which only can’t be dismissed from the design and availability perspective. Designers in 2017 would have to get serious about those new interfaces, which is challenging.

It’ll be a unusually exciting year for your web design industry. It’ll continue to expand the path of customization, personalization, and distinctive user experiences. While these trends are a number of these to name some, there’s a whole lot of exciting new stuff waiting for your designers to come up with fresh ideas. They could use them as chances to devise newer trends across platforms.

Meeting consumer expectations and delivering personalized encounters will be of overriding significance in 2017.