Are you going to have to opt for cataract surgery? If so, you are definitely thinking about the costs. Do you have insurance? If you do, then you can certainly expect for insurance to play a big part. However, does insurance pay for it all? What are the total costs anyway? The waters can get a little muddy as to what you have to pay and what you don’t have to pay. As mentioned, insurance should help you out big time, but let’s look at the associated cost of cataract surgery and what you might or might not have to pay.

The sight clinic gives important information that the costs can certainly vary by individual case and the surrounding details. In general, the statistics say that the procedure costs about 3500 dollars for each eye. Then there is the advanced technology lens, which costs almost an additional 500 on up to nearly 1000 dollars. That is the first big decision that can cause the procedure to cost a little more money.

Remember that the figure given of 3500 dollars on average is per eye. Now, what you will be glad to hear is that the procedure on the basic level is supposed to be wholly covered by insurance. So that is approximately 7000 dollars that you shouldn’t have to worry about. Of course, there is fine print to look at concerning postoperative care and the likes.

Plus, you have to remember the advanced options that you have. For example, that extra astigmatism correction is often what’s not covered. That might have surprised you, and you don’t want any big surprised when it comes to this procedure. What you want is to know what the final bill is going to be and what you have to pay. Hopefully, this piece has given you a good idea as to what that may be.