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Web design involves abilities and many disciplines from the maintenance and production of websites. The various parts that encircle web comprise graphic design, design, authoring including code that is standardized and proprietary software, search engine optimization and user experience design. Even though some designers can specialize in all the facets of internet design designers work each person handling a different aspect of the process.

The term web design is utilised to refer to the layout process involving the front-end style of a website that includes writing mark. In the scope of website development, Internet design is complex over net engineering. That is because internet designers are all expected to have the in usability and also to maintain par with the website accessibility guidelines if their job involves creating markers up also.

HTML and CSS in Internet design

HyperText Markup Language commonly called HTML plays a big role in web design as it gives the articles on the website, it is meaning and construction by defining exactly what the material is, for instance, paragraphs, pictures, headings and so forth. Cascading Style Sheets or what’s generally referred to is a screen language used to improve the look of the material on the website for instance use of fonts and colours.

When dealing with web designing, both the languages HTML and CSS are used independently of each other and that should be maintained. For instance, in all your internet related activities such as “Website Design and growth, look, website, homepage, HTML” HTML shouldn’t be written in a CSS file vice versa. The general rule is that HTML should be representing content whereas CSS should represent that content looks. For people who would be HTML’s novices, sometimes, you may encounter terms but with time you’re very likely to become more comfortable with them all. On the other hand, the terms with include tags, attributes, and components.

New criteria in HTML and CSS

To enhance “Web Design and growth, look, website, homepage, HTML” that the W3C recently published new criteria for CSS that the CSS3 and HTML that the HTML5. The W3C published new JavaScript API’s. They are all individual criteria although they are all new. While the new expression HTML 5 completely describes the latest edition of the HTML and numerous those JavaScript API’s it’s common to hear many men and women use it to refer to the total bunch of the new standard the CSS3, the HTML 5 and JavaScript.

Technologies and Tools utilized in internet design

Based on the step of the manufacturing process, web designers use a selection of diverse tools in their own work. Though the principles behind them stay the same, the tools and technologies are updated from criteria and the software with time. To create layout prototypes or and images that are formatted for the web use vector and raster images. The major technology used in producing websites is that the standardized markup, that is generated or hand-cooked using the WYSIWYG editing software. There is proprietary software that uses plugins to skip the consumer’s browser variants. They are WYSIWYG but together with the choice of utilizing the terminology of the computer software. Search engine optimization strategies might be applied to look at the rank and suggest ways of enhancing it. Other resources would be other tools used for usability and testing accessibility and the markup validators. This is to make sure the website meets with the internet site accessibility guideline.

Homepage layout

Most Usability professionals and experts such as Kyle Soucy and Jakob Nielsen have on many of times insisted on homepage layout for virtually any website success because the homepage is an important portion of a web site. Nevertheless, in the early 2000’s it was discovered that a surging number of internet traffic was inconsiderate to the homepage and was immediately going into the contents of their pages through e-newsletters, RSS feeds and search engines.

Due to this, it is evident that house pages and a part that is important play . In the years 2012 and 2013 rotating banner ads and sliders, also called carousels became a extremely common component of internet layout on homepages. The carousels are used to display articles . But while job “Web Design and growth, look, website, homepage, HTML” it must be noted that carousels often damage site’s usability and search engine optimization.

Web development

The expression web development is used to refer to the job involved in thinking up a website for the World Wide Web Site. Development generally ranges from coming with simple single page sites utilizing plain text into the intricate web applications, social networking solutions, and digital companies. Tasks in internet development include web designing, client liaison, and e-commerce advancement.

Web site look

The feel and appearance of your website are more important than just displaying the information that you desire, but also doing it in a way that it appeals and creates attention from your intended audience information. Several aspects should be taken into consideration when scaling the look of your website. One of the more important considerations is the audience. Look at their nationality, gender, age bracket, animations, colors, animations, and images.

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Malaysia Web Design Company

Without doubt, Google is still one of the most powerful search engines that allow you to hunt anything. Its algorithm updates or changes on a normal basis, which helps you in a variety of ways. It provides valuable suggestions to improve the ranking of a site to you and is extremely useful. It now recommends virtually every webmaster to design a mobile-friendly website that could support various internet browsers.

Website design malaysia that is reactive is a means to crafting a site that’s simple to read, navigate across a wide array of gadgets such as iPhone tablets, desktop computer, notebook, android, or another gadget with scrolling. It has become the necessity for every webmaster. There are so many reasons why Google recommend a reactive site design malaysia or loves. Take a peek at the following points to understand about these reasons.

Quick navigation: Another reason Google loves responsive web design malaysia  is the fact that it protects or spreads in accordance with the requirement of your reactive gadget, which make navigation’s work easier for an individual customer. Easy navigation and quick will offer a better user experience and helps to raise its visibility on search engines that are various.

Minimize web page loading time: Google loves responsive site design malaysia  is the fact that it has inbuilt browser compatible attribute, which will help to decrease the loading time.

What reasons you will need to create your website mobile-friendly? All above reasons are sufficient to convince the reason it should be adopted by you and that it is actually recommended by Google. What are you waiting for? Confirm, a also be the section of the marketplace to secure outcomes and Responsive Website Designing Company near you. It supplies a better. It helps to keep them happy and meet and bring them to come and see your site over and over again.

Web Design Malaysia

Flexibility:  Now uses their gadgets that are smart to access the net. Therefore, if you wish to improve the standing of your site or wish to push a traffic you have to adopt design malaysia . One of the major reasons why Google loves mobile-friendly website is that because it gives you the flexibility to support internet browsers and resize its own screen according to the requirement of a tablet computer.

Professional Web Design Forums — Smashing Magazine

Internet design-related forums are a location where you interact with different designers, exchange tips or discuss your very first drafts. Whenever you’ve got a issue, you can place the problem, and then get feedback on possible coding or design alternatives in community members. This interaction is a wonderful way to establish contacts and build connections. Forums are used for media and advertising functions. They are sensible places to address issues and can serve as a form of social recreation. [Last updated: Oct/13/2016]

What is a good forum?

Since designers and programmers, we pick a forum depending on its ability to strategy our needs. In best case the forum ought to be big enough, moderators ought to be cooperative and the articles must be responded quickly. There’s not anything worse than posting a thread on a forum and no one replies to it.

In forums, users develop a reputation over time. The forum software may be employed to monitor this. Some forums allow users to rate each other also. Additionally, the longer you engage and the more professional input you deliver to the neighborhood, the more other members will recognize you and admire your view.

The caliber of the community is reflected by the level and depth of responses from community members. How well the forum is conducted has an immediate impact on our capacity to utilize it. The forum requires great moderation and clear guidelines. Even the design of the forum plays a part in our decision to utilize it. After all, each forum has its very own personality.

The diversity of articles online forums is astounding. Frequently, information takes the form of Q&A-negotiations, but it could also take the form of articles, and tutorials too. Threaded discussions are a huge part of forums, but some forums have places that function otherwise — marketplaces are still an example, or layout specifies.

Content Management Systems frequently have excellent forums for designers. E.g. if you’re a WordPress user, then you will frequent the WordPress Forums. There it’s possible to pose setup questions, share your current themes, extensions, alterations and plugins and request a help in your WordPress community in building a template.

The sort of career path you’ve selected may lead you to forums also. If you’re a freelancer then you will frequent forums like the Freelance Switch Forum.

While these kinds of forums are of use to your web designer, there are forums specifically designed for working internet design professionals. We have compiled a listing below. We’d like to hear your experiences with these or other web design forums.

Internet Design Forums

Sitepoint Forum Sitepoint has a huge community of members, with over 250,000 members. It is a superb place to network, get programming ideas, or practical business information. There’s a thriving marketplace where you could buy or sell sites and designs, among other items. Sitepoint’s forum is well managed and well maintained. It’s a clean flexible design and sets a top excellent benchmark for web design forums.

Designers Talk Forum That is an active forum with a fresh layout. It’s a couple of sections dedicated to web designing, programming, along with others. This forum also has places dedicated to graphic design and other areas related to internet design. There are over 25,000 members within this community.

Dynamic Drive Forum Dynamic Drive includes an increasing library of freely available code snippets and packed solutions. Their forums are a popular place to discuss web design coding issues and alternatives. The majority of the sections in the forum are devoted to coding topics related to web designing. There’s a Javascript segment, and a CSS segment, for instance.

Digital Point Forum That is a popular forum with a large user base, about half the size of Sitepoint. Its members are extremely active. Networking, conversations, advice, and much more is booming. It’s sections on Design & Development, Search Engines, Business, Advertising, and many others. It is professionally managed and maintained. And comes with an active market. The design is practical, though not remarkable.

Webmaster-Talk. Com This forum is focused on the ones that run websites. Web designing is a major part of conducting a website. Thus, there are plenty of sections on this topic. Additionally, you may find sections such as Internet Marketing and Making Money Online interesting too. This forum contains over 50,000 members. It’s also busy too. The design is fresh, and sections like the market have unique designs also.” is now a website that aims to create designers better programmers, and possibly even help programmers become better designers” The forum has over 100,000 members. It is a web design forum which has a strong trend toward Flash and Gambling. It is a fun forum with active and enthusiastic users.

Dev Shed Forum That is a huge community with over 200,000 members. It focuses on programming mostly, although it does cover overall web design topics, and graphic design also. It is an active community, with several articles, and replies every day. Site layout is simple and bland.

CodingForums That is an energetic forum focused on coding. Many of the languages are for designing. Beneath the Client Side segment, there are topics on images and general web design issues also. You will find over 50,000 members and over 5,000 active. The forum layout is easy and usable.

Ozzu Forum This forum covers internet design and development topics. They cover Graphics, Internet Marketing and much more. It’s over 30,000 members. The forums are busy. They are well moderated and have been successfully running the forum for over 5 years.

HTMLforum Website Design and Development are topics covered. In Addition, It covers Server Management, Marketing, and Business issues. The design is a bit distracting. This forum has over 30,000 members. The forums have routine active articles.

Webdevforums This forum is reasonably busy with over 25,000 members. There were numerous articles without replies in important sections such as Client & Server Side Scripting. There’s More activity in Internet Designs, HTML Reference, along with CSS Section though. This forum covers many significant regions of internet design, though only a number of the forum sections are busy.


Cre8asiteForums This informative article presents a friendly and inviting atmosphere. You will find over 15,000 members. The forums are busy, with numerous lengthy threads where lots of members revealed themselves to be helpful. Numerous website themes are all covered. The website has some sections not found on each web design forum, such as Law, Ethics, and Green issues. In case you’re seeking to network with internet designers from your area you may choose to search for a forum which caters to your own region. is an forum from the Uk. It’s a little over 3,000 members. However, it is extremely active for it’s size.

Further forums

Since web design is a profession which targets numerous abilities, forums which are devoted to areas like graphic design might be helpful too. Talkgraphic and Renderosity are all devoted to graphics style and also have a large community prepared to help you out; there are a lot of subsections dedicated to specific software you’re using to create your works. Smashing Membership. Just sayin’.

About The Author

Sean Hodge is the creative mind behind AiBURN, a weblog about style, creativity, inspiration and images. …

Professional Web Design Forums

2018 Internet Design Trends

In a universe of preoccupied minds, it is extremely important to get UX/IU evoke undemanding, instantaneous and effortless digital layout. With this shift that is following customers, design has to be a at the forefront of it. The 2018 web tendencies fulfill what will capture the user’s interest.  

1. Cool Cat Colors
Comparable to fashion design, in which you really feel like nothing can be tossed out of the cupboard for fear the trend will return, internet design is now in the exact same rotation. Coming back into the future in rotation is the return of colors in the 90’s. Feel bold, bright, rich, soaked, “in your face” colors. Anything to grasp attention!  

The particular colour family you will understand a lot more of are deep tones of purple: purple, fuchsia, magenta, dark purple. After all, you need to notice that Pantone termed their 2018 color of the calendar year, ultra-violet! Aware that ultra-violet can be an intimidating color to use – that will be the norm, particularly when styled correctly to get a website. Shades of purple and bright, saturated colors will feel more mainstream for customers because of their growing popularity. The 90’s are back!  

2. Gradients
Another fashion are double tone gradients. Though this tendency made its mark within web layout in 2014-2015, it is more popular today because of beautiful monitor displays. Examples of these displays are brand new mobile phones that have extraordinary color clarity (Apple’s Iphone X), 4k screens, and large screen displays. Gradients seem striking on these displays because of the saturated color and their ability to scale to any screen size. Scaling will be an additional essential role in 2018 with the addition of devices at a variety of sizes and users wanting crisp screen lucidity.

3. Scaling Art
Transitioning from screen to screen, photography will drop in popularity this year. What’s actually making a remarkable mark for hero imagery is exceptional vectored art. Having art that could be uploaded into your website as an SVG will be huge this year because it looks great at any size! If you are having trouble deciding what art you ought to be using, 3D flat style animations or 2D landscapes are all trending. Such pictures are timeless and have a longer shelf life than lifestyle imagery.

4. Distant Drop Shadows
Large soft drop shadows supporting modules are. Drop shadows are frequently used behind background shapes, modules and buttons. The notable thing about using subtle drop shadows is that not only does it create thickness, but it might draw attention to an area with limited contrast – keeping the user centered on the website as a whole. Large soft drop shadows create space.  

5. Curve Your Homepage
I predict that this will be the biggest fad in 2018. Forget rectangular hero image areas because today it is all about curves, waves and fluid shapes. Instead of the hero image having a straight edge at the bottom of the picture, or better yet a gradient wallpaper, imagine a sizable waving curve or a single huge curve slope in the middle. Shapes such as these apply a fluidity to your user’s eye when looking at the homepage from start to finish. Begin with rounded buttons and boxes and consider abstract shapes and the way those can be implemented. Rounded shapes create a natural page flow and so are satisfying and easy on the eyes. Consider if this may circulate along with your layout!

6. Overtly Large and In Charge
Users need all of the information they’re searching to be easily and immediately available. Consider the shortest advertising phrases you’ll be able to come up with for your title hero text use font size 70 – or a different massive amount – and see how your eyes can’t help but see it! BINGO! Here is the most recent trend and it makes complete sense with today’s readers. Capture their attention so instead of not wanting to see a website, they must and are interested to do so. For an illustration of that, check out‘s site or a website designed by,! The shorter the term or title, the greater – and allow it to be bold and big so the user will have no choice but to delve in!  

These tendencies should be highly thought of for updating your own brand in 2018. Large fonts, curvy shapes, dramatically-soft large drop shadows, timeless vectored art, bright gradients, and bold colors are all particular design elements selected for the sake of the user.    

Fantastic luck with your layout this year, and remember that we are always available to ensure that your online brand is at the forefront in regards to usability and design!

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5 Easy web design Hints

It’s like everyone has a site now perfect? With affordable hosting and content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, everyone can produce their own website with relative ease. So how do you make yours stand out in the crowd? And importantly, how do you improve the web layout to make things easier for most of your users?

1 — Navigation

This will be one of the very first places your users will see. It needs to be clean and simple to read. Consider using descriptive phrases for your links since this can help users and search engines to navigate effortlessly. In case you have a good deal of menu items then the use of sub-menus is very important. Declutter as much as possible!

navigation web design

Two — Social Media

Linking your site to your own social media accounts is very easy now. If you’re using a CMS then this capacity comes with many approaches, even though there are thousands of plugins available to assist with this too. You must write all of your articles to your website, and then discuss that over your social media accounts. Not only are you promoting your own business/website across several platforms however, you’re also fostering your SEO which will make it a whole lot easier for new customers to find you in a search engine.

3 — Mobile friendly

With the debut of the smartphone, the a growing number of internet browsing is performed on a little screen. This will create all sorts of problems with your site unless you are properly prepared. You’ll see loads of CMS topics available that can offer mobile support, and they’re able to supply a quick fix to the problem. However, these can’t account for all types of articles so you might require the aid of a web designer to perfect the cellular layout.

mobile-friendly web design

4 — Testimonials

Most of us love a good review! And in case you have some then you really have to share it around. Reading positive feedback for your company can just be a good thing. It provides your potential customers confidence in your products/services and boosts your brand in a certain way.

5 — Can it be clear

Most sites start out clean and easy, but as fresh content becomes added or menu items seem, you may locate your pages getting cluttered. Attempt to keep all new content in precisely the identical style as previous works. Using exactly the exact fonts and structure throughout your website will help, and if you’re using a CMS then it’s possible to create templates for specific kinds of content. This permits you to keep a thread of consistency at all of your work.


Just following some, or all of these tips may help improve not just your site layout, but also its own presence online. Increasing your google positions will cause more potential customers, which contributes to more testimonials, which contributes to even more customers. And that doesn’t want that?

The post 5 easy web design hints appeared initially on Barry Webber.

Incorporating Video

Video proceeds to get bigger and more complex. It’s gone from being a great way to pass the time on YouTube with funny cat videos to becoming a vital tool for companies and entrepreneurs. As you focus on developing a site which can help you , you may be well served to think about integrating video into your web design. Many websites currently have videos embedded someplace on pages of the websites, but we’re talking about actually building web designing with video as a featured component. How can you do this effectively? Let’s have a look.

Create a Splash… Literally

First impressions are everything online. If your site is lacking punch, then you’re already at a disadvantage for maintaining folks on your site. , you have less than 15 seconds to really catch your viewers. You can accomplish this with good web design and stunning imagery, but in case you truly need to bring it to another level, you may want to take into account a splash page or hero image which includes a video.

Video has long been a tactic heralded by entrepreneurs as an effective tool for participating with your viewers, especially on mobile, but it’s also a terrific way to prove yourself aesthetically. A introductory video onto your when users first property on the webpage is tough to ignore. But before you go ahead and just throw something on your own site, you still have to consider which type of content you’re going to highlight.

Use a Video That Adds Value

To put it simply, if you’re not employing a video that’s related to your site or valuable to your consumer, it’s definitely going to be a waste. Just like every form of content on your own site, a video needs to have a specified purpose. What exactly does the video say about your business? How does this assist users and potential customers understand your services and products? Video is definitely a wonderful aesthetic pick for your site, but it is also a great tool for informing an audience.

Do Not Annoy Your Audience

Annoying someone is the easiest way to your bounce rate. Obnoxious autoplay videos are the bane of a lot of people online, mostly when you’re greeted with loud voices or music which you weren’t expecting. Make sure your video is done tastefully and intentionally. Produce a video which operates just as well muted as it will with sound. Doing this usually means you are going to be able to have a quiet video looping on your site and giving the consumers to turn the volume should they decide to.

Ready to give your site a video makeover? N2Q can provide help. Our web design team is always on the leading edge of what’s next in web design. and we’ll talk with you options to utilizing video in your website and participating with your customers in an entirely new manner.

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Implementing Mathematics

“Mathematics is amazing.” This might seem absurd to people who wince in equations and numbers. But some of the most gorgeous things in our universe exhibit mathematical properties, in the smallest seashell to the greatest whirlpool galaxies. Actually, one of the greatest ancient philosophers, Aristotle said: “The mathematical sciences particularly exhibit order, symmetry and restriction; and these are the greatest forms of the beautiful.” [Links assessed & mended March/03/2017]

Because of its beautiful nature, math is component of art and architectural layout for most ages. But it has not been exploited much for site design. This is probably because a lot of us regard mathematics as being antithetical to ingenuity. To the contrary, math could be a instrument to create innovative designs. Nevertheless, you don’t need to rely on mathematics for every layout. The purpose is you ought to regard it as your friend, not a foe. For illustrative purposes, we created a few web designs which present mathematical principles talked about within this report. We’re also giving out a couple of PSDs which you could use straight away on your next layout.

Further Reading on SmashingMag:

Layouts featured within this post were created specifically for the point of this report. Throughout the design process we ensure that each one of the designs displayed within this informative article are basically mathematical in nature; that is they exhibit order, symmetry and restriction. We also have adopted the Internet layout algorithm within this procedure — the layouts have different topics, styles and elements. To keep things simple and clear, we tried to adhere to minimalist designs as well as favored single-page layouts. Clearly, examples in this article are supposed to function as a simple foundation for your layouts rather than as the completed layouts.

Golden Ratio and Golden Rectangle

The golden ratio, also known as the divine ratio, is an irrational mathematical constant with a value of approximately 1.618033987. If the proportion of the sum of the amounts to the bigger quantity is equivalent to the proportion of the bigger quantity to the smaller one, then the numbers are believed to have a golden ratio.

We already published a very comprehensive article “Applying Divine Proportion To Web Design” that clarifies how to utilize the golden ratio in Internet design. In the present article, we’ll take a look at how to use golden rectangles in Internet design. A golden rectangle is one whose side lengths possess the golden ratio 1:(one-to-phi); that will be, 1:1.618.

The construction of a golden rectangle is very uncomplicated and simple. Assemble a simple square. Then draw a line from the midpoint of one side of this square to another corner and use that line as the radius to draw an arc which defines the height of this rectangle. Last, complete the golden rectangle and you’re finished.

A way to construct a golden rectangle. The square is summarized in red. The resulting dimensions are in the ratio 1:Phi, the golden ratio.

As an example, think about the minimalist layout beneath. It has six golden rectangles in it, three rectangles per line. The rectangles have the dimensions of 299 x 185 pixels. So the sides of these rectangles adhere about to the golden ratio; that will be, 299185 = 1.616. Notice how the great deal of white space surrounding Golden rectangles produces a calm and easy atmosphere in which the navigation choices can breathe and serve their purpose. Even though the design uses just few colors and blocks are positioned very similarly, the navigation choices are obvious.

Large perspective

However, it can be quite difficult to put in a new Golden block while keeping the consistency of the design. Possibly the only sensible design solution here would be to add the cube on the third line and use the remainder of the horizontal space for other, less or more conspicuous features (if necessary). It is possible to click on the picture below to view the enlarged version.

Large perspective

Possible Software

The golden rectangle layout is ideal for picture galleries, portfolios and product-oriented websites. The golden rectangles may also be arranged in other mathematically solid approaches to generate amazing layouts. In particular, you might choose to utilize them for cubes that show images or advertisements on your sidebar. Needless to say, the pure collection of golden rectangles does not make for a professional, nice-looking layout. In addition, you need to work in tandem with grids, orientation, proximity and emphasis to get the key aims of your style. For instance, an intriguing design solution would be a CSS/jQuery-based fluid grid layout based on golden rectangles, however we don’t pay this procedure in this report.

Download the PSD-layout

We prepared a sample PSD design that is designed in accordance with the Golden Ratio and Golden Rectangle. Please feel free to utilize it at all and send the link to this report to your colleagues if you want to spread the word.

Smashing Membership. Just sayin’.

Fibonacci Design

As the name says, Fibonacci layouts are designs based on the Fibonacci sequence of figures. By definition, the first two Fibonacci numbers are 0 and 1, and every remaining number is the sum of the preceding two. Some sources omit the initial 0, rather starting the sequence using two 1s. So the very first two Fibonacci numbers are given, and every remaining number is the sum of the preceding two. The greater the Fibonacci sequence gets, the closer its numbers connect to each other based on the Golden Ratio. A Fibonacci sequence resembles this:

1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144...

In audio, Fibonacci numbers are occasionally utilized to ascertain tunings, and in visual artwork to find out the length or size of material and formal elements. Jürgen Schmidhuber his methodology for Fibonacci-based layouts on his blog. However, if you inspect the style he created, you’re likely to find it stiff and a little difficult to read and navigate. Indeed, you will need to get a little creative with mathematics as opposed to following the rules blindly — maths provides us a manual which we can use, however it is rather about implementing websites with maths than implementing maths using our layouts.

_Approximate and true golden spirals. The green spiral is made from quarter-circles tangent to the interior of every square, although the red spiral is still really a Golden Spiral, a distinctive kind of logarithmic spiral. Overlapping parts seem yellowish. The amount of the side of one square divided by this following smaller square is the Golden ratio. Source_

The main idea behind such designs would be to use Fibonacci when determining about the dimensions for content sidebar or area. The two Golden ratio and Fibonacci enable designers rely on sound, shared ratios for webpage containers or cubes inside page containers.

Generally speaking, layouts are quite easy to construct together with the Fibonacci sequence. You choose a certain base diameter — for instance, 90px. Then, when determining the size of your containers, then you multiply the foundation width with the figures from the Fibonacci string. Based on the calculations you receive, you will need to use them on your page cubes. Let’s take a look at an example. Below is a minimalist typography blog according to Fibonacci Internet design.

Large perspective

It is possible to see that the webpage is broken up into three columns. Each column corresponds to a Fibonacci number. For this design, we utilized a base diameter of 90 pixels. This base thickness is then multiplied by a Fibonacci number to find the complete width for a particular column. For example, the first column has a diameter of 180 pixels (90 x two); the next column has a diameter of 270 pixels (90 x 3); and the third column has a width of 720 pixels (90 x 8). The font size also corresponds to your Fibonacci number. The site heading has a size of 55px; this article’s heading is 34px; along with the material is 21px.


The downside of layouts based on the Fibonacci sequence is the fact that it is difficult to use it in case you’re given certain fixed width design dimensions (e.g. 1000px). In this scenario it is easier to utilize the Golden ratio, as you would only multiply 1000px using 0.618 and receive 618px which would be the ideal width for your content block. However, if you attempt to reach exactly the same result using the Fibonacci sequence itself, then you first need to figure out the sequence to the 1000 range.

According to the Fibonacci sequence calculator, the sequence would be ...,610, 987, 1597.... Indeed, 987 is really a fantastic fit and you’re able to begin picking the widths for smaller cubes using the previous numbers in the order. But in case your fixed width design is much smaller or lager, then you would need to utilize some approximate values which would again result in pure guessing. The issue can also occur in flexible or liquid layouts to a point, but you need a great deal more design freedom there.

Possible Software

A Fibonacci layout is best suited to blogs and magazine layouts. You may arrange the design in various manners based on Fibonacci numbers. The content “Nombre d’or, suite de Fibonacci et autres grilles de mise en page pour le layout web” (in French) explains in more depth the application of Fibonacci numbers to Internet design. Again, note that you need to be imaginative when using Fibonacci sequence on your layouts, otherwise your layouts will turn out to be too rigid and hence tough to use and navigate.

Download the PSD-layout

We prepared a sample PSD design that is designed in accordance with the Fibonacci sequence. Please feel free to utilize it at all and send the link to this report to your colleagues if you want to spread the word.

Five Components, Or Kundli Design

Another intriguing layout technique comes in the Indian horoscopes which are also referred to as Kundli. Fundamentally a Kundli is a very straightforward figure can be reached in only 3 steps. Draw a square, and cross both diagonals. Join the mid-points on each side of the square to get the Kundli figure. You’ll notice four right-angle rhomboids in this figure. These will be the basis for our internet design.


The layout below, then, is based on the Kundli design layout. You’ll discover that the chakras in the layout also have mathematical properties.

Large perspective

This really is a single-page design. Clicking on a component reveals more info on it, as shown in the figure below. You can also incorporate some easy jQuery cartoons or even jQuery tooltips that could reveal more info on need. A additional step would be a sliding web page where animation is used to show different content cubes; you might also wish to modify the background images of the single content areas to make them a little more distinctive.


In the next figure, it is possible to see our design is only a simple three-column design: a header, three columns and a footer. Not complex in any way.


Possible Software

This layout is best for displaying product info and portfolios. You can spice this up using JavaScript animation frameworks. For example, you may apply colour transformations to the chakras using Raphael library, or you’ll be able to add freestyle animations utilizing  jsAnim library. You may take a tree sprout if the user clicks over the Earth component, or you are able to show sea animals swimming in the water section. The sky is the limit when it comes to animation utilizing these JavaScript libraries.

Download the PSD-layout

We prepared a sample PSD design that is designed in accordance with the Kundli layout. Please feel free to utilize it at all and send the link to this report to your colleagues if you want to spread the word.

Sine Wave Design

If it comes to mathmatics, you don’t need to abide by well-known Golden Ratio or even Fibonacci sequence. You can also experiment with formulas from physics, chemistry and other sciences using more general formulations and values on your layouts.


For instance, let’s think about the sine wave, or even sinusoid, a mathematical function which refers to a smooth insistent oscillation. We used a simple sine wave design as the basis for a simple and authentic Internet design and create a single-page design. Needless to say, you may use the same approach for other layouts such as images or infographics.

Large perspective

The design is again very easy, composed of a header, five columns and a footer. You may use a jQuery tooltip to make the design more interactive.


Possible Software

This wave pattern occurs often in nature, including ocean waves, sound waves, and waves. Also, a demanding sinusoidal pattern could be found in plotting average daily temperatures for every day of this calendar year, although the graph may resemble an inverted cosine wave. You can also use it to show a timeline of events. It may even be designed to include horizontal navigation. You may make it even more interactive using the jQuery highlighter plugin, which highlights every element (i.e. DIV) so the user can concentrate on the content.

Download the PSD-layout

We prepared a sample PSD design that is designed in accordance with this Sine Wave layout. Please feel free to utilize it at all and send the link to this report to your colleagues if you want to spread the word.

Other Techniques

Rule of Thirds This principle says that an image should be imagined to be split into two equal parts by two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines, and that significant compositional elements ought to be placed across these lines or their intersections. Additionally, it may be expressed as a simplified mathematical approach that divides any design into thirds, left to right and top to bottom.

Musical Logic The rhythmic or thematic structure of musical compositions could be applied to distances between elements in a design, such as ABA, ABAC, etc.. Find out more about music and math in this Wikipedia post.

Useful Links and Resources

We hope you have enjoyed this article about math and Internet design. Hopefully you see math not as a hindrance to creativity, but as a friend. Embrace it!


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Applying Mathematics To Internet Design

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