20 Web Design Blogs to Follow

As a website designer, your main task is building outstanding sites that work. As such, it is of utmost importance to stay abreast of the latest design news, trends and tools. However, how do you succeed at this?

It is not simple amassing this kind of knowledge. You have to know the perfect areas to collect the suggestions and resources. The fact is there are hundreds and hundreds of web design sites on the market, and it will become a tough task picking the few that are worth studying.

Time is a precious resource, and clicking on each link hoping to market the right tips isn’t a good way of managing time. This is the reason we chose to create this arsenal of the ideal design sites to follow.

Below are 20 sites you should subscribe to so you may win big with your design career.

Smashing Magazine

As the title itself suggests the content on this site is smashing. This site is one of the most busy websites that emphasize on quality of this content it publishes as opposed to quantity.

Since the day that it was founded, this site has aimed at providing the most advanced information to programmers and web designers. Their posts encircle: web design, graphic design and user friendly expertise. On the other hand, the articles in this blog might be hard if you’re a newbie in the industry. Their content is quite advanced for people beginning. But if you do enjoy challenges, this is one ride you will surely fall in love with.

Creative Bloq

This site finds a balance between creativity and inspiration. The website focuses on web design, digital art, graphic design, 3D design and a lot more. All its content is tailored to help readers keep ahead of the plan game.

Material Design Blog

This is a website that focuses on the very best site and theme design substances. Whether it’s advice regarding programs, templates or websites, this site gets your back. You will always find inspiration and new best techniques with the site.

24 Ways

Incepted 12 decades ago, 24 ways is now an annual fixture for geeks around the world. Why annual, you have to be wondering! 24 ways, is a site built around a special idea. Every year, about the month of December for 24 weeks, a group of professionals (designers and programmers) get together to bring you 24 posts on subjects that they deem most important. An wonderful way to bring some Christmas cheer, huh.


Resourceful. Is the word I’d use to describe this site. Tailored to embrace both programmers and designers to chart the course of the abilities. Their articles may be lumped in coding, WordPress, freebies, tutorials and a lot more categories. Did I mention it has a market for user design packs? Cool, right.

Design Shack

Each time I hear design shack, CSS springs to mind. I figure the easiest way to describe this “involuntary action” is that this site provides sound CSS hacks. Additionally, it gives tips on images, user design, html and a lot more. It is engineered to increase you professionally (designers and programmers).

U Creative

U innovative is an online community of experts where they exchange ideas, network and discuss problems affecting the creative industry. It assists young designers manage their design abilities.

Web Designer Depot

Web designer depot purpose is to share the latest tips, techniques and discoveries in web development and design. Plus, the covers business-design, programs and also freelance. It has become among the most well-known sites we have around. As a result, it will provide you an in-depth understanding of everything that involves web designing and development.

Mockplus Blog

This a very complete site. It tackles content related and included of: newest trends, user interface, web design, image design and prototyping. In conclusion, it isn’t just a tutorial based blog. Mockplus itself is a tool dedicated to simplifying complexities on the user interface.

Hacking UI

Hacking UI is a network for innovative entrepreneurs, both designers and programmers. This magazine focuses on interaction design and front end development. By signing up, you become privy to their weekly emails that touch; technologies, front-end advancement, startups, productivity, design and the occasional inspirational lifestyle lesson.

CSS Tricks

CSS is really the most preferred website design method that saves money and time whilst improving user experience. CSS is used to detail the demonstration of web page’s markup language. Bearing these in mind, this site focuses on CSS related subjects and tricks. Besides CSS, there is a whole lot of other leading end tutorials that you will discover here.


Hongkiat has been a favourite to many since its beginning (2007). Whether you’re a programmer, designer or another type of techie, hongkiat has your back. You will get to find out Html/CSS, Photoshop abilities, social media promotion etcetera.


This is a net development site aimed at furnishing your abilities as a web programmer. They publish articles covering all facets of web development, namely; user interface, blogging, social media, images and graphic design, programming and a lot more.


Designm.ag is a notable site for web developers and designers. The website has a website, a news section and web design job board.


This is one site that needs to maintain your bookmarks if you’re a designer. With a daily dose of useful and inspirational posts, you will be much more creative and productive.


Noupe’s important aim, is to produce dynamic and stylish brand new for web developers and designers. Their subjects range from typography, advertisements to CSS and JavaScript. This site is generally updated on a daily basis.


This website design blog can be home to one of the best showcases on the internet. It is filled with fresh material and inspiration that is acceptable for both the expert web developers/designer and beginners in the industry.

UX Booth

UX stall is among the standard resources for user interface pros. Taking into account all that is important, namely; analytics, interaction design, user experience doctrine, study information, company and content strategy, information architecture, accessibility, and visual design. It is a blog.

The following Web

This is an online top publishing website, which covers tech advances, cultural and company news. Irrespective of how it’s not design focused, they have a section specializing in development and design that is inherent for the professionals in the area.

Treehouse Blog

Treehouse is well-known for its platform. What’s more, Treehouse has a website which is very resourceful for both web and program programmers/ designers. They also publish advice to new professionals and inspirational pieces on those who have succeeded.


This is probably a lot to consume in one day and you will require the time to. But, we recommend that you proceed through all of the sites and see for yourself what they must offer. A number of them, if not, will definitely go a long way in helping mould your career in the design market.

ECommerce Development & Web Design

Ecommerce web design and development has never been more important. Website earnings are increasing year-on-year in established markets. The latest analytics statistics indicates that over 33% of eCommerce earnings happen to a smartphone and more than 20 percent over a tablet meaning that a responsive ecommerce site design is crucial to success for any eCommerce shop.

The prospective ROI (return on investment) from ecommerce revenue encourages many businesses to venture into this market. However, only with a professionally designed ecommerce site can you aspire to take whole advantage of these gold trading opportunities. Each ecommerce site has to be designed to maximise its appeal to the customer base and then optimised for different devices and search engines as well as customer involvement and retention.

We’ve recruited an expert team of ecommerce designers and developers that have worked on some great ecommerce sites. Our team includes Shopify experts along with Magento experts — just two of the largest and greatest ecommerce platforms. This ensures our abilities to quickly analyse each customer’s interests and select the best suited eCommerce web development stage. We could design any site design and performance — whatever is needed to build you an online shop that is totally responsive and optimised for SEO.

Investing in an excellent eCommerce site needs to be a high business priority since your opponents are surely moving in this direction. Allow us to assist you to get there before.

Ecommerce Web Layout — Store Functionality

Although a great number of eCommerce shops share common functionalities, others need a specially tailored eCommerce internet design strategy with custom programs, plugins and integrations. Our expert designers and designers possess the skills to construct a fully functional eCommerce shop which can underwrite your online trading accomplishments.

Common features of eCommerce shops we design and develop contain:

  • Entirely responsive mobile-first design
  • Payment gateway integration (so you may accept credit Cards and PayPal)
  • SSL & PCI compliance (so you and your clients stay secure)
  • Order processing/management
  • Advanced onpage search engine optimization
  • Inventory Management
  • Streamlined Checkout
  • Shipping & taxation
  • Promotion codes and Discounts
  • Google Analytics and webmaster tools Integration
  • Customer accounts

That eCommerce platforms do we grow for?

We’ve put our e commerce web development concentrate on designing and developing some of the largest and greatest eCommerce platforms in the world and have in our team: Shopify experts, Magento experts, Bigcommerce programmers and Woocommerce programmers. We select the most suitable platform for your shop based on a professional assessment of your business needs and the eCommerce web design functionalities needed to provide the ideal customer experience. If you request a quote among our staff will return to you with a proposition (generally within 24 hours).

Just how much for eCommerce design and development?

Considering our eCommerce web development is individually tuned to satisfy your business’s needs, the design/development costs will vary consistent with the functionalities, integrations and shop size demanded. You are able to get an notion of cost ranges from visiting our web design prices page however for more comprehensive information it’s best to request a quote. Please give a succinct summary of your needs alongside a couple of examples of how similar sites you admire. A part of our staff will review the data and contact you within 24 hours to present a proposal or request additional details.

How About Support?

We offer 12 weeks of FREE support for your eCommerce shops we design and grow. In addition, we give full written documentation with screenshots so that it is possible to manage updates effortlessly.

Small Business B2B Web Design

Small Business B2B Web Design

Small company B2B Web design which generates sales prospects needs to concentrate on the needs of your customers, not your services or products. Client centric B2B website design is a little company website sales lead generation strategy which will help to turn your website from a booklet on your business to your sales lead generating server.

Your little company B2B website must do something such as generating sales leads. If your site is not generating sales leads, it simply costs money.

Good “Web design” is much more about navigation, uncluttered layout, simple to browse, quality content and graphics which are pleasing not overpowering. Unless you’re an entertainment site like Disney don’t waste your money on flash and other distracting graphics that may seem impressive, but do not reach sales lead generation. In actuality, there’s a lot of evidence that this might just drive potential small business clients away for your website.While creative Web design is an essential part of good Web marketing, it is not an important part. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and many people don’t decide to purchase your product or service based on how attractive you believe that your Web site may be.

b2b website contentB2B Web Content is King

Powerful B2B Websites, (those that generate sales prospects), don’t fixate on the look of the site. The advertising message is the critical   element you have to communicate for your audience. The B2B audience is different from consumers; they are looking to have information and find answers to everyday business problems. Business people are not searching for entertainment they are serious and don’t have a lot of time to waste. A successful  small business site is looking to meet the needs of its target audience. Achieving B2B marketing    on the Web is super crucial to lead generation success. You simply have about eight minutes to convince your guest how it is possible to help them otherwise   they will exit your site in a single click.

“It’s the Message, Stupid”

Content is king in web communication to obtain your sales lead production goal. To acquire sales prospects, you have to convey the solution you offer to take care of the issue of your target audience. You must deliver your solution from your prospects viewpoint, none. Creating content that’s is crucial to move Web visitors from browsing to actions. Also, you should ensure it is effortless for your Web site visitors to discover the answers to the next three questions speedily.

  1. What does your business do?
  2. Is exactly what your business does proper for the organization?
  3. Can your company have a remedy to the issue my company is looking to fix?

The ability to offer these answers to your website visitors in less than two clicks is vital to achieving small business internet advertising success. Beyond these basics, other components are necessary to attain sales lead success. Things like…

  • Easy to browse text with minimal formatting
  • fundamental techniques
  • quality advice that speaks to the problems of your target audience
  • developing initial rapport and confidence which leads your potential to want & need more info in the

Your Bottom Line
The significant part small business B2B website design and internet advertising campaign is not to be too concerned with the appearance of your website. Rather, concentrate on the message  which will inspire earnings prospects to do it to contact you. To find out more, to set your small business website on course, call now at 866-875-2534 or order   now so you can begin making more profit from your company.

The Benefits of software for Web Design

People frequently stay away from open source software because of the perceived risk which accompanies code anyone can inspect. It’s logical argument, but it’s not always a fantastic reason to not utilize open source. Open source coders are always searching for security flaws and discovering ways to fix them so they can make a name for themselves in the world of communicating. Along with coders flock to open source software as they can build upon an current framework without needing to take care of roadblocks thrown up with a significant name developer. In actuality, many important websites are based on open source software primarily on account of the simple fact that there’s no necessity to get around trademarked code.

Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla are all significant software platforms utilized by millions and so are all created from open source code. In actuality, WordPress is the most downloaded material management system available on the industry. WordPress became popular since it’s pretty easy to use, has countless free plug-ins, and tens of thousands of templates both free and paid. Joomla and Drupal are also content management systems and also have characteristics that are similar to WordPress.

All of these open source computer software systems are very popular for a variety of reasons; the very least of which is that they ’re totally free or nearly free. They include developer support to assist users get previous issues, are user friendly, and consumers may create the platforms fit their needs with minimal effort. Continue reading to the infographic under to learn more about these popular programs and also the way they ’re here to remain.

Cheap Removals Service

Moving all of your office furniture from one location to the next is easy if you are doing this in the same building. However, if you have recently purchased a new building, or if you are transitioning to a different city, you will need to have an office removals business helping you out. If you have this business in London, and you need to be moved out of your current location within the next few weeks, you need to start looking for one of these businesses to help. The prices that you pay, and the service that you receive, will be solely dependent upon doing proper research. The best way to locate office removals London based businesses is, to begin with looking at online reviews.

small office removals london

Find Out What Others Are Saying About These Companies

To find out what everybody else is saying, there is no better place to look than the Internet. They will rate businesses, provide comments, and also testimonials if they were extremely happy with their service. Star ratings may also be posted online for each of the businesses, allowing you to see how they actually function. It’s not enough to simply see an advertisement online, but you also need to find out how much they charge for moving your office to a new location.

The Best Way To Get Quotes From These Businesses

Obtaining quotes is done in one of three ways. First of all, picking up the phone and talking to a representative of the companies is the easiest way to get this done. You can simply ask a much they are charging for their office removals services. The second way is to send an email. The other way is to simply go to their website. Most of these businesses are going to have one. A large number of them will post how much they charge. By using any or all of these methods, you will soon have the information that you need.

How To Know You Have Selected The Right Company

It won’t take long to find the best office removals London business. There are quite a few, and London is a large city. There are businesses constantly relocating within the city itself, or they could be moving out to other urban or rural locations. The company that you may select could charge a little bit more than others, but you will want to use them if they have the best track record for getting the job done without damaging merchandise. These are key factors to consider, and it may be worth the small amount that you will pay to take advantage of the best company.

office relocation companies london

This might seem like a time-consuming process. Some people prefer just going through the local business directory and selecting the first one that the fine. However, with a few extra minutes of research, you could end up saving a substantial amount of money. The other factor to consider is always their track record for doing a good job, and also being prompt about their services. You need to know that you can rely on the www.johnsonsmovingservices.co.uk a professional office removals London business that move you and your office to a different location.