Web Design 2016: Strike of This Chromes!

Figma Illustration - Alex Walker

As we closed out 2016, I think that it’s always fascinating to look back to your workflow might have evolved over the previous 12 months. It is often surprising how lots of your tools and techniques change over the duration of a year.

For me personally, the theme of UX & 2016 Design has been the arrival of this Chrome app as a website design option. I’ve written about a few of them in 2016 within this newsletter.

The BoxySVG UI

Enter Figma

Today, Adam will tell you he is an unabashed Sketch fanboy — I believe, he teaches courses on— he came to me personally excited to write about an online competitor to Sketch. At the moment, I knew nothing about Figma but became so intrigued since I read his first draft.


I use Figma daily fourteen days later. I didn’t imply to — it just kinda happened. I have Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop and even Fireworks, but I find I spend more time at a (currently) free web app.

So, Why Figma?

It is not exactly the UI. Figma has not strayed away from this if Sketch devised what a modern UI Design instrument should look like. Layers on the left — possessions on the right. If you’re familiar with Sketch, you won’t feel lost in Figma (or XD for that matter).

Sketch files import with issues that are minimal into Figma.

But of course, none these are not reasons for shifting to Figma.

Is it because it’s free? No. Don’t get wrong — I like free, however I’ve already paid for the apps so I am technically losing money.

No, there is a more surprising motive (to me anyway).

Figma’s Multi-user Collaboration is a Game Changer

Cooperation is Figma’s ‘special sauce’– the one thing that makes it different to work with than Photoshop simply as well as Adobe XD.

Figma's Multiuser UI

Figma lets you discuss layout via URL or username from the app. There’s no syncing or upload to cloud hosting services. Figma designs live on line — perhaps not as Google Docs.

When two or more users are viewing the Figma layout this means, you can see the other user’s cursor dwell similar to Google Docs.

And I must say, when I first saw this, I though ‘Hmm… that is… cute’.

But over time, it slowly it became apparent just how useful this sharing attribute that is live is. Here is why.

1) Figma Docs are Living Style Guides

When you discuss a Figma file with a programmer (view only access), they then have the ability to click on ANY webpage element and view its properties in the ideal panel. This includes:

  • Font-family, dimension, weight
  • width & height
  • line-height & borders
  • colors
  • shadows & effects
Viewing properties with Figma

Developers viewing properties with Figma

While this doesn’t replace the need to get a great style guide, it gives the developers a simple method to answer any question.

As I am briefing them on 25, in reality, I’ve been able to see our programmers in Manila. Figma also offers a system built in to it.

2). Programmers don’t have to request small graphic alterations

Often little adjustments are needed to icons and images, which often means looping back to the UI designer. Re-export the graphic any time that they need to and then figma enables anyone with a browser and authorization to tweak.

Figma's export panel

Whenever required, programmers can tweak and re-export images.

What is more version control enables you to revert to the original at any moment.

3). Project managers don’t need continuous status reports

As performers, we need to spend time updating stakeholders. With Figma, they could see precisely your layout is at and so they no longer should request continuous upgrades.

You could get right to the questions that are critical as opposed to describing what you’ve done when they come for you.

Putting a ribbon on it

More than anything, Figma’s multi-user purpose has got everybody on the exact same page (pun intended). Task manager, entrepreneurs, and programmers are in on the design process early — literally watching you work — so they seem to feel more ownership within it. This was a side effect.

Would all apps benefit from this kind of collaborative approach that is live? Probably not. I’ve never seen the thing happen in Google Docs. Design looks an especially great fit.

Seeing the power and elegance of the Safari apps of 2016, I am fascinated to see what people will do with it in 2017.

Freelancing allows this Internet developer to have creative control over his Company — and his life

Even though Josiah had a steady tech project, he couldn’t help but feel stifled from the monotony of their 9-5 lifestyle.

“The workplace environment has been sucking the life out of me. I sat in a cubicle all day and I just hated it. So I chose to stop and start my own firm.”

Josiah is a web developer on Upwork.
Photo from Chris Daniels

Josiah quickly took charge of his new freelance business, and it seemed like his huge move was about to pay off.

“It functioned perfectly — my previous boss became my very first client. I had been on retainer together, earning the exact same amount as my past fulltime salary. I picked up a couple of new clients, also. It had been the best of both worlds”

But little did he know, tough times were just around the corner.

“I lost my retainer, along with all of my other clients, within just a couple of months. The job just sort of dried up at once. I needed to rethink matters to get back on my toes. I had a family to support.”

With things starting to get tight, then Josiah went out on a limb and decided to move cross-country for another office job.

“I got an offer in the e-commerce company. For a while, I scaled the ladder and finished up with a few leadership roles at a couple of different tech businesses. I had been pretty profitable. But before I knew it, I had been miserable. Each time that I switched jobs, I felt like I was just interviewing for the exact same job repeatedly.”

Asking the Ideal questions

Being at the exact same place again did not feel so great. But this time, Josiah finally realized what was holding him back from feeling happy in the office: he was asking himself the incorrect questions all along.

“I got really truthful with myself. I ceased asking, ‘What job do I want?’ And I started asking, ‘How can I really want my life to look like? My job, my marriage, my family? What’s my ideal day-to-day?’ That painted a completely different picture. I realized what I actually value is freedom and flexibility.”

Despite that realization, Josiah couldn’t help but remember his less-than-successful first try at freelancing. Was another attempt at self-employment actually the perfect move?

“I told my wife I needed to attempt and branch out in my own again. She said she had been waiting all along for me to discover that out, and fully invited me to do it. I was somewhat nervous — I had tried to begin my own business and neglected. But I was exhilarated.”

Regrettably, after the details beginning coming to focus, his excitement wore off pretty fast.

“I only had about two months’ worth of economies, and worse, so I had no real strategy in place. We had to move out of our luxurious apartment and to my in-laws’ basement. My income went from six-figures to nothing immediately. Reality hit us hard and quick. It wasn’t fun, however, I was determined to discover a means to make it work.”

Locating a way to get noticed

Desperate to find the ball rolling, he also came perilously close to falling into the lifestyle he had been attempting to avoid.

“that I wasn’t interested at the media side of things, so that I partnered with a few agencies that would feed me web development tasks. But that I had zero control over my job. I had to reduce my prices, plus the agency chose a cut. And should the agency had a slow month, I had a slow month”

Before getting sucked into another dead opportunity, Josiah chose to try out something that he hadn’t contemplated before.

“I believed online freelance marketplaces may be a good way around some of those hang-ups I had about freelancing — fulfilling clients, media, things like that. I had heard mixed reviews regarding Upwork, however, I chose to give it a shot”

Much to his own surprise, he also found that Upwork had quite a great deal of jobs he’d be very pleased to finish. Plus, with a large number of jobs being submitted each week, he’d never need to think about the job drying up.

“I sent for a dozen suggestions right off the bat. I moved to it with a great deal of confidence because I had excellent experience, and I knew I had the skills. But I did not listen from a single one of my suggestions. It did not matter what my skills were because I did not know how to work the machine”

He knew there had to be a means to showcase his skills within his suggestions. More determined than ever, he hopped back on the world wide web to learn more about how to get noticed on Upwork.

“I encounter Danny’s informative article. I figured I’d try it just to find out what would happen. I sent out a proposal using his strategy, and I got a response back in under ten minutes. It was incredible.”

Making his value on his own provisions

After he started hearing on his suggestions, Josiah understood there was value in studying ‘the company side of business’ He bought to help him get started.

“I basically binge-watched the course above a few days and instantly put up to practice as I could. I felt like I had the secrets to doing so in my own”

He wasted no time putting the materials to work, particularly the scripts that are overburdened.

“After I started getting interviews, then I moved directly to the word-for-word scripts out of the course to help me win the contracts. Within days, I had been provided a enormous endeavor — I used the scripts to pay the client to twice his budget AND I reduced the scope of work”

Josiah was still on a roster. Not only was winning endeavors that he applied for, in addition, he started getting the jobs to come to him.

“Things just sort of took off. I followed the machine and started firing off hints. I had been winning jobs left and right, and pretty soon I started getting personal invites. This was a enormous turning point, because I did not need to spend too much time searching for jobs. I might be pickier about which jobs I required.”

The secret to attracting high-caliber project invites? He says it’s all in his profile.

“I simply followed the suggestions in the course once I reworked my profile. WordPress growth is a really competitive market, but after I looked in the profiles of my competition, I realized they were pretty much the same. I discovered how to make mine stand out from the crowd.”

Beginning a journey of lifelong learning

If Josiah thinks back to his life one year ago he can not believe how much he’s come.

“We were able to move out of my in-laws’ basement and to our own place two months before our objective. My spouse does not need to work today, so she is home with our little one. And that I can take breaks throughout the day to perform together.”

He is ready to take far better care of himself be more present, and provide more for his family than previously.

“Freelancing gave me the freedom to join my family for a trip to the beach when my dad was battling cancer.”
“Freelancing gave me the liberty to join my family for a trip to the shore when my father was battling cancer.”

“Freelancing lets me spend more in myself. I also hired a life coach because I don’t want to quit growing and advancing. I am getting up daily, performing self-care, reading, meditating, and studying things that excite me. I am a completely different man than I had been six months back. It has designed be a better spouse and a better dad.”

There are lots of amazing things on the horizon for both Josiah and his family.

Josiah and his wife announced the latest addition to their family on Halloween
Josiah and his wife announced the latest addition to their family on Halloween

“We’re expecting our second baby soon, so we’re probably going to stay stuck for just a bit. I, however, can not wait to show my children the world. I had been bad growing up and we can never afford to travel everywhere. I just need to present my family the experiences I did not have.”

“My son is a freelancer in training... He's obsessed with my home office!”
“My son is currently a freelancer at coaching… He is obsessed with my house office!”

To learn more about Josiah’s job or to get in touch with him, have a look at his site .

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Programs in Internet Design of Gamification

Greatest Uses of Gamification in Internet Design

05 Mar 2018

Posted BY : Minds Metricks


Site is created by want? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins.

We as kids loved matches, but the liking for matches has not kept us even if we possess grownups. The same applies to the idea of Gamification, which has been around the corner so long that internet design specialists have begun employing the exact same in websites also. The concept of Gamification is not just about entertainment, however it is more about the entertainment-based participation.

A study suggests that 80% of students are more productive with gamification, 61% of high CEOs, CFOs, and supervisors take game fractures, the gamification marketplace will be $5.5 BN at 2018 with over 350 companies having established gamification jobs.

Having known the huge potential within this idea, some will probably be interested in implementing gamification in internet designs and programs. To start out with, internet designers have already begun placing game-like features and mechanics in UI components for engagement. Therefore, to know the best uses of gamification, here are a few examples.

Role playing

We’ve got all been prone towards roleplaying at some point of time in our own lives, and also the games which do the same are quite popular among masses. Well, roleplaying requires a new form on site when a persona of your self is generated, and every action you do adds points into the persona. For instance, the site ‘Habitica’ that highlights on creating good habits in people while kicking bad habits away, only works on the essentials of gamification. For each fantastic habit, the persona gets points, while poor customs deduct few. With points comes pride too.

Object Finding

To stoke our curiosity since childhood, we’ve been participating in quests and object-finding games. And locating an object after a very long search seems to be a success for us. The identical principle goes in today’s site wherein participation is constructed with curiosity. ‘Zurb’ is yet another site that only works on the concept of locating cattle on the site. The notion here is to say how creatively internet layouts can be carried out.


It’s the contest that keeps us at our best, performing and moving ahead. And for some folks, contest is what they eat and breathe. Having said this, why not ask the consumers to compete against each other? The very best illustration is LinkedIn whereas the consumers receive points for encouragement and acceptance received on their profile, and also the best profile is seen first. Each endorsement upgrades your profile and thus your social standing becomes increased on LinkedIn. The result is that business experts and like-minded individuals notice you first, and this also opens gates for new opportunities. This is the reason why LinkedIn has grown into one of the most popular social networks lately.


Sometimes we are too lazy relaxing on weekends we tend to address quizzes to give our heads some increase. Having said this, quizzes are round the corner for quite some time, be it the education system or the entertainment department. So why don’t have the exact same on websites. Many companies with site design support Dubai has to offer, are currently harvesting on the theories of quizzes. They don’t just generate involvement, but can also be powerful enough to find the appropriate audience.


This is a targeting gamification strategy for a chosen crowd for example explorers. The entire idea here is to teach the consumers, and this is done when we’ve got a particular platform with essential tools present. The thought here is to simulate the experience through the platform, and thus attain involvement in the long run. Platforming works great for schooling websites, therefore, it is an effective gamification method once the objective is to distribute information or instruct masses.

Did you find apk for android? You’ll discover new Free Android Games and programs.

HTML5 interview questions for any web developer

At a Web Layout meeting, you will be tested on a broad array of subjects and languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS, and XML. Other fields typically tested include Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization) techniques and general responsive web designing. There’s a handful of HTML5 interview questions you should know.

When you experience an HTML5 interview that is scheduled a couple of days from this time, you will probably be nervous and have doubts regarding the adequacy of your knowledge. To drift away in the meeting room with a smile on your face and a spring in your step, you need to be aware that the secret to any interview is preparation.

Companies will more probably hire you if they realize that you are educated and skilled enough to be a part of the growing team. HTML and Web Development interviews act as a screening test to find the candidates that are worthy of the empty position.

This report gives a top list HTML5 interview questions commonly asked by amateurs, to make sure you that you are successful in your meeting.

  1. To Hide HTML document on a different, which label do people use?
  2. HTML is a markup language. Explain this.
  3. Define a HTML tag. Do all HTML tags come in pairs? Justify your answer.
  4. Can it be possible to add comments in HTML documents? If yes, explain how to perform it.
  5. What’s a whitespace? Describe the relevance of collapsing the whitespace.
  6. Describe a picture map, and the way it’s used.
  7. You’ve got the task to design a web page. Describe how you add the copyright symbol once doing your own design.
  8. At some point on your website design career, you might have noticed that all characters might not display correctly in a certain browser. Why is this and how can you fix it?
  9. Define XML, HTML, XHTML and SGML. What’s their connection?
  10. Give various kinds of elements that are used in HTML5.
  11. Describe the way the page arrangement of an HTML5 document is different from that of previous HTML4 or even HTML. Give a few details of HTML5 elements that are utilised to design a page structure.
  12. If you neglect to include the , how will your HTML5 function?
  13. Describe an information list in HTML5. What’s it used to achieve? Additionally, write a shortcode to execute a simple data list in precisely the exact same language.
  14. At this time, there are about ten new form elements that were introduced in HTML5. Name them and explain them to us.
  15. In HTML5, what is an output element? Write a short code to execute the same.
  16. Show us a good example of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) using HTML5. Use a simple shortcode for a point, polygon or star form.
  17. The CSS box model encompasses an HTML element and can be rectangular in form. It defines padding, margins, as well as the border. Describe it to us in details.
  18. In HTML5, what is ? Explain how to have access to the
  19. Explain selectors in CSS and its use.
  20. What’s the importance of column layout in CSS? How can we execute one? Describe how we could apply a style to the text employing various attributes during out execution.
  21. From the program cache, define exactly what type of fallback is.
  22. What’s web SQL? Can it be a part of the HTML5 specification? Describe how we use it.
  23. What’s the lifetime of the local storage? With a shortcode, reveal how we remove or add data to the local storage.
  24. What would you believe is the coolest thing you have coded in your life. Are there projects you are working on regarding the same?
  25. Reducing image size is a method or diminishing the page loading time. Aside from this, provide three additional ways of ensuring minimal page loading time and the way they are done.
  26. If you believe HTML and HTML5, there are numerous alterations and modifications to the vocabulary. What elements have vanished?
  27. Describe the gap that exists between HTML5 interaction as in Twitter or even Bootstrap and Sencha?
  28. Describe the gap between the menu and directory lists as well as the unordered lists in HTML?
  29. Inform us something new or interesting you have recently heard about web design technologies. It could be in any language.
  30. What’s the perfect growth environment?
  31. We want you to demonstrate some business knowledge applicable for this endeavor and unique tasks anticipated to be done by you. Could you let us know your favorite editor, operating system, browser, plug-ins, along with other development tools?
  32. Tell us how you got in to coding, programming and web development?
  33. What are a few of the biggest challenges you have faced up to date.
  34. For a web programmer, what skills do you believe will make us employ you?

Article continues after occupations recommendation

  • English As a Second Language Assignment

  • English Teacher for Children from 2-12 years


  • ESL HOME TEACHER in Beijing/Shanghai

  • ESL HOME TEACHER in Beijing/Shanghai

These are a couple of HTML5 interview queries to familiarize yourself with prior to your interview. Respond to them in a professional manner and you may make certain that you’ll get the job. Avoid committing critiques and be sincere with yourself when calling them.

When you have enjoyed this guide, please discuss it.

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