Back, I compared Kenyan developers’ behaviours to individuals of tailors and it was fascinating to find the amount of folks who agreed with my contrast. It had been brought to my attention that there are a number of customers that are poor as drive and well programmers mad and here is a possible instance of these.

In something that’s currently becoming some type of trend with internet programmers, one Kenyan programmer, Charles Makori, took down a client’s website and left quite the message on the client’s domain what he said to be the failure to meet up with the payment requirement by the client.

As per Makori’s message, the client, Greentouch Landscapers, hadn’t paid him consequently he led to taking down the website and in its location leaving the daring message, “THIS WEBSITE IS NOT UNDER MAINTENANCE. PAY THE WEB DEVELOPER. You’ve got MY NUMBER,” but that’s not it. Makori added Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Cash music movie for his message as the last hammer and went ahead. Unfortunately, the time of press had, the message that was said removed.

After a fantastic laugh, then we decided to find out we were surprised and the website which Charles Makori developed looked like. We don’t know what the agreement between the programmer and the client was do we know what the project description was but to say that the website was poorly performed is an understatement. Like seriously, that uses Adobe Flash Player from 2018? And that font!

As reported by a WhoIs lookup, the domain name   was initially filed back in 2014 March and has been recently renewed in January of this past year. Assuming that the client stayed with such a website for so long, then perhaps they were satisfied with the work.

But, the business website of Charles Makori claims they provide 7-star alternatives but the just seven stars Greentouch Landscapers’ website manages to have is becoming an eye-sore.