AJAXian has released the results of the 2008 State-of-the-Web survey, and also the one glaring thing that stands out is that the folks surveyed (“as many web designers and developers from all over the world as potential”) appear to be losing touch with their crowd.

A minority using Windows, a minority having IE, and a minority using mobile devices. That makes sense for web developers.

But that is a sharp contrast to the internet audience, in which the most visitor is still running IE6 on Windows XP, together with the second place going to some smartphone running Windows Mobile on Windows Vista and the going to IE7.

It’s close enough to make the point, although that is a generalization derived from survey resources.

The thing is, the further apart internet developers and internet users ramble, the further the designs of the former will satisfy the expectations of the latter. True, we all examine our sites on many platforms (I really hope we do, at least!) , but that different from using the thing that your customers use, day in and day out.

Yet the notion of using Internet Explorer on a Windows system fills them with terror and dread. And justifiably so cannot tolerate. It’s difficult to check at Microsoft’s behavior and not feel that they just plain hate the net!

We try it the other way. And after nearly 15 years of trying, it’s time. We can’t get customers to stop opening viral attachments in their email; just how are we supposed to make them believe that the internet is not supposed to appear this way?

Oh, and also the other glaring thing we could tell from the survey: Perl is dead.