A box sash window, also known as a hung sash window or sash window, is created using one or more moveable panels to form a structure that can hold panes of glass. The panes of glass are removed from the other panes by glazing bars created using moulded strips of wood. While this is a type of window design that is gaining popularity, particularly in the UK, certain considerations need to be taken into account before installation. This article will provide information on box sash windows prices, the history, and the problems.

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What Is The History Of The Box Sash Window?

According to historians, the oldest types of sash windows can be found in the United Kingdom in architectural buildings such as Ham house. The invention of this design is often credited to the English philosopher, Robert Hooke; however, this lacks evidence, and many others view the box sash window to be a Dutch invention. What can be historically determined is that the first installation of the sash window was in the 15th century and it is typically found in Victorian and Georgian-style houses.

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What Is The Application And Operation Of The Box Sash Window?

For a box sash window to operate effectively, the weight of the glazed panel is often balanced by heavy lead, iron or steel weight that is concealed within the glazing bars. The sash weight connects to the window via a braided cotton sash cord running over a pulley at the top of the glass panel frame; however, spring balances can also be used to connect the panel with the window. Breaking this cord requires damage to the chain, disassembly or trimming of the pieces.

Box sash windows need to be fitted using simplex hinges allowing the window to be locked on one side while the other side remains detached acting as a counterbalance. This is useful as it allows the window to be opened for cleaning purposes or escape.

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The term ‘box sash windows’ is typically used interchangeably with ‘sash windows’, but there are slight differences in the items. Traditionally, a box sash window is heavier and more modern than the standard sash window; however, both terms can be utilized in the commercial industry referring to the same type of window.

Useful information from timbawood that sash windows are often made using softwood and this design will typically present with single glazed glass. In previous years, the sash window would be made using higher quality wood that was highly durable; however, due to the popularity of the sash window nowadays the construction uses lower quality wood panels.

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What Are The Problems With Box Sash Windows?

The traditional issues experienced when installing wooden box sash windows are swelling and distortion of the wood, as well as potential wood rot. The problems can be resolved using careful maintenance of the wood with repair and draught stripping; however, this is difficult for inexperienced painters who will have to paint the sash stuck. A sash window requires high levels of maintenance, but is very aesthetically pleasing and can be a good long-term investment.